24 Apr 2014

New Zealand

Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett Repeats Fluoride Propaganda

Published on Apr 23, 2014
Please investigate for yourself. Hydrofluorosilicic acid that is commonly used in water supplies is NOT the same as calcium fluoride which is occurs in nature. Water fluoridation has been banned in many countries.

Pseudo science, half truths, 40%!

23 Apr 2014

Ireland - Doctors urged to oppose fluoride in water

Doctors urged to oppose fluoride in water

By Evelyn Ring
Irish Examiner Reporter

The Irish Medical Organisation is being urged to take a stand against the practice of adding fluoride to public drinking water.
Elizabeth Cullen of the Irish Doctor’s Environmental Association, will make her “commonsense” proposal on ending water fluoridation at the IMO’s annual conference in Maynooth, Co Kildare, on Friday.
Dr Cullen’s motion urges the IMO to call on the Department of Health to support a media campaign highlighting the causes of dental decay — poor diet and inadequate dental hygiene.
Her motion calls for an end to the practice of adding the chemical to the public drinking water.
Last month, Cork County Council unanimously passed a motion calling on the Government to stop treating the public water supply with fluoride.
Ireland is the only EU country, and one of only two in the world, with a national mandatory public water fluoridation policy.
Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney told councillors ahead of the meeting an international group of consultants is to be appointed by the Government to examine the use of fluoride in the public water supply.
“I know of no other drug whose dose is determined by how thirsty you are,” Dr Cullen said yesterday.
Dental health had improved not because of fluoride, she said, but because people consumed less sugar and brushed their teeth more regularly.
“You can get fluoride from foods — sardines and tea are high in fluoride,” she said. “Toothpaste and mouth washes also contain fluoride. My concern is that we don’t know the total dose people are getting.”
However, Dr Cullen is steering clear of talking about whether fluoride causes cancer because there were too many conflicting studies on the issue. “I am just making a commonsense argument against having fluoride added to public drinking water and I hope my colleagues will support it,” she said.
Tomorrow, the Girl Against Fluoride campaign group will protest outside the Irish Medicines Board in Dublin to highlight that the State’s drug-policing watchdog has never licensed the chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water.
Girl Against Fluoride campaign leader Aisling Fitzgibbon said she was delighted that a medical doctor was speaking out against putting fluoride in public drinking water.
“We need more medical professionals like Dr Cullen to speak out because it the weight of public opinion that will eventually shift this issue,” she said. “Sodium fluoride tablets are only available on prescription and at a certain dose, but it is in the water supply in an uncontrollable dose.”
Ms Fitzgibbon is taking a High Court action against the Government for putting a substance in the public water supply that had never been passed as safe by the Irish Medicines Board.
“I am not against using fluoride to combat tooth decay, I just don’t want it in the water supply,” she said.
“We do believe it does pose health risk to a certain amount of people in the population.”

22 Apr 2014

21 Apr 2014

20 Apr 2014

Cornwall - poisoning Camelford's water

Village of the damned: Mysterious suicides. Agonising illness. And now, 25 years after UK's worst case of mass poisoning, the first evidence that dirty water has KILLED people

  • Camelford in Cornwall was poisoned with aluminium sulphate in 1988
  • A van accidentally dumped 20 tons into the household water supply
  • Villagers were immediately poisoned, but water was soon deemed safe
  • Since then, several deaths and illnesses have been linked to aluminium
  • Dead villagers have been found to have had high levels in their brain
  • They all suffered early onset dementia and died relatively early

Big companies and governments really care for our health and especially our children's teeth.

Kim Davey: Seven principles for a happy, healthy life

To lead a happy and healthy life you do not need tonnes of money, to live somewhere exotic, or to keep up with the Jones's. All you do need is to live by seven basic principles and incorporate them into your everyday life. These principles are so simple some of you may scoff. But the truth is:
Life is simple. People are complicated.
I discovered these principles when working with my friend and mentor Don Tolman (the wholefood cowboy from Salt Lake City, Utah). Don shares his message on the seven principles of health worldwide and has changed and saved many, many lives from death and disease.
Principle 1: Walking . Every day get out of the house and into the world on a 45-minute fast-paced walk.
Getting the body moving is the best thing you can do for it. Keeping joints active, muscles moving and your heart rate pumping is a surefire way to keep yourself fit and healthy.
Add in a hill or two for a fat burning workout. Notice I didn't say "drive to the gym and walk on the treadmill" - it's crazy business! You need to get out in the fresh air come rain or shine!
Principle 2: Fresh Air - oxygen = life and fresh air clears the head and moves the blood around our bodies. Please note - air conditioning is the devil! Ever noticed how stuffy, stagnant air in the workplace always makes you drowsy and gives you a headache? How when one person gets sick everyone else does too? Yuck! No more air con - open the windows! If you are cold, man up and put a jersey on. Fresh, moving air is the key to a healthy mind and body.
Principle 3: Clean water - There has been a lot of debate recently regarding adding fluoride to our waters.

OMG really? Talk about controlling the masses! If you want fluoride (a toxic chemical) in your water, you add it, but stay away from mine! Clean, fresh, filtered water is what our bodies need. Nothing added to it.
The cleaner the water the better it is for us. The body does not recognise toxins and poisons that councils decide to add to it. So make sure you are drinking pure filtered water and lots of it.
If you get headaches it's generally because of two things - not enough water or not enough fresh air. Don't take a panadol (more drugs for the body to filter out) drink water and go for a walk outside. I guarantee you it will be gone when you get back.
Principle 4: Sunshine - Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in! - The sun is the biggest healer on our planet. Vitamin D from the sun is the purest and most fabulous thing we can give to our bodies. It helps every cell prosper and grow and makes you feel happy! What can be better than that? There is so much marketing and fear mongrel around sunburn and skin cancer - stay away from the sun, the sun is evil - this is a huge money making ploy and keeps us fearful of one of the true gifts of living on this planet.
Yes, you can get sunburnt and that hurts and is not good for you. But instead of putting toxic sunscreens on your beautiful skin every time you go out, get in the sun every day for 20 minutes with no sunscreen and feel the effects.
After 20 minutes cover up with hat and T-shirt etc so you don't get burnt. Building up a slow and natural tan is wonderful for the mind and body. Getting burnt is not.
Principle 5: Wholefoods - Last week I spoke about how the world has gone crazy with foodless foods and lifeless drinks. Organic (no sprays and pesticides) fresh wholefoods - fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes - are the No1 way to keep your body in perfect working order. Eating these foods allows your body to create the fuel you require to get through the day.
Eat a fat, greasy pie and you will look and feel like a fat, greasy pie! Eat a delicious, nutritious, wholefood meal and you will look and feel like a delicious, nutritious wholefood meal - and that's sexy! Foodless foods become stored as plaque in the body. Over time plaque builds up and is stored in the body as what we call tumours. Don't eat crap!
Principle 6: Positive Relationships - Loving, supportive friends, family and partners are crucial to our overall health and mindset. Often overlooked as a cause of health and mental issues, the relationships in your life can dictate how you feel about yourself and your place in the word.
Choosing to associate with only positive and uplifting people will see your life skyrocket in the direction of your dreams. Associating and living with negative, grumpy, controlling people will kick your confidence and keep you in a depressive state.
So be sure to choose your friends and most importantly your lovers wisely.
Principle 7: Passion - What do you love? What brings you joy? Having passion for something - whether it is sport, dance, theatre, design, camping, horseback riding - and pursuing it as a hobby or full-time career will bring you the greatest joy. It connects you with other human beings who also share in your joy, creating friendships, self worth, confidence and purpose.
Find what you love and do it as often as possible.
Living by these seven simple principles will bring your life to an entirely new level. You will be satisfied, healthy, excited, energised and full of joy.
None of them require a lot of money, contacts or effort.
They do, however, require discipline and it is that which will determine your success. Enjoy!
Be Real. Be True, Be You!
#Kim Davey is an international speaker, author and entrepreneur who lives between Hawke's Bay and LA and runs www.nzdancenetwork.co.nz and www.kimdaveylive.com

19 Apr 2014

Ireland - From Aisling

On Wednesday, 23rd of April The Girl Against Fluoride Team will stage a protest outside the Irish Medicine's Board at Kevin O’Malley House, Earlsfort Centre, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 from 10am-6pm. The Irish Medicine's Board have never once licensed the water fluoridation chemicals, claiming the water fluoridation policy is a public health measure. This contrasts with the EU stance on hydrofluorisilicic acid which was banned for its use as a biocide in 2006 due to a lack of toxicological data.

The aim of the protest is to draw attention to the various government bodies that are complicit in the continued mass medication of the Irish people. It will also create much needed public awareness in the lead up to the court case. We will be joined by a Dublin Community circus who promise to regale us with fire jugglers, stilt walkers and balloon modellers. We will also have some rather eclectic musicians.

My team and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for whatever length of time you can spare.

The Girl Against Fluoride

18 Apr 2014

17 Apr 2014

Fluoridated USA - Tooth decay in children

Tooth decay has become a major problem among young children, and pediatric dentists are urging parents to take steps such as limiting sugary snacks and drinks. They also now advise brushing with a small amount of fluoride toothpaste and having a wellness exam at age 1, according to Dr. Norman Tinanoff, chief of the division of paediatric dentistry at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.......

What procedures does the dentist perform to prevent tooth decay?
On routine dental visits, the dentist will evaluate your child's risk for tooth decay. If it is thought the child is at risk, the dentist can apply concentrated fluoride on the child's teeth. Most often, this is in the form of fluoride varnish. If you live in an area that does not contain fluoridated drinking water, the dentist may consider fluoride supplemental tablets. Additionally, when you child's permanent molars come in, around age 6-8, the dentist may suggest that applying pit and fissure sealants will prevent tooth decay in those teeth.

What other affects will all that fluoride have on the body, we aren't just teeth?

21 Questions with… Jewelry Designer Robert Lee Morris

When it comes to staying healthy… I take ruby red fish oil, filter out the fluoride from my tap water and eat mixed wild berries with yoghurt all the time.

16 Apr 2014

On offer from China

In the USA they use these sources to fluoridate their water. Heavy metals like lead at 100th part. No description of the 0.5p of water-insoluble matter. 
If the price is right Birmingham next?

We are a leading  Sodium Silicofluoride  supplier in China Now wed like to offer you Sodium Silicofluoride   as follows
1.Cas no.: 16893-85-9
2.Sodium Silicofluoride : 99% min
Standard Index
Sodium Silicofluoride
99.00% MIN
Loss of weight on drying at 105
0.30% MAX
Free acid(as HCl)
0.10% MAX
Chlorides(as Cl-)
0.10% MAX
0.25% MAX
Water-insoluble matter
0.5% MAX
Heavy metal(as Pb)


15 Apr 2014

NZ - Raging fluoride debate continues ......

14 Apr 2014

The interminable fluoridation debate - is it time to call a halt?

Published On:17-03-2014 by 
An article in a recent British Dental Journal revisits the issue of fluoride intake of children. The article points out that very young children are particularly and positively affected by the availability of fluoridated drinking water, that diet is the only source of fluoride for most infants and the importance of dietary evaluation prior to recommending the use of additional fluoride supplements Zohoori, F.V., Whaley, G., Moynihan P.J. and Maguire A. BDJ, 216, E3 (2014).

The scientific validity of claims for the effectiveness of drinking water fluoridation are generally questioned only by those whose position is radically anti-fluoride, whether their opposition is claimed to be based on the science or the ethics. For decades the benefits of water fluoridation have been set out in research paper after research paper, politicians have been battered by propaganda and Local Authorities have been begged to adopt local fluoridation schemes for the good of the oral health of the children who live in their areas.

johnrenshawAnd little or nothing has actually been achieved. Southampton is the latest city to attempt to fluoridate the water supply serving the poorest areas of the city and they have run into the same objections and legal blockades.
Is it not time to accept that, notwithstanding the validity of the scientific argument supporting water supply fluoridation, the idea of medicating the water supply is a step too far for the vast majority of the people of this country? What might have been possible when mass medication was believed to be the way to improve general public health is now seen as politically unacceptable and a definite vote loser for whatever political party puts it forward.

The days of mass medication are surely over. People nowadays know how to look after themselves and have no wish to have additional chemicals added to their drinking water. They see this as an unwarranted and highly personal interference in their lives without public support and without a real chance for the people to object. Councillors and MPs listen to their constituents listen to the views they express loudly and sincerely and then vote accordingly. The result is exactly what we have seen since Birmingham’s water supply was successfully fluoridated in 1964. Little or no further water fluoridation progress has been made.

This is not a rant against water fluoridation so much as a plea to listen to, recognise and understand the strength of the public opposition and to realise it is highly unlikely we will ever see mass fluoridation of the water supply and perhaps that might not be so bad.

Oral health is improving generally and the minority of children who need the help we could offer via the water supply are not likely to ever receive it. That may seem harsh and unkind but if the mass of the people have implicitly or explicitly decided that water supply fluoridation is not to their taste we are wasting precious time and resources on a project that is doomed to repeated failure.

Would it not make more sense to accept the ‘realpolitik’ we face and spend our time and energy pursuing a different approach that might have a greater degree of acceptability and effectiveness?

John Renshaw has been a general dental practitioner for 44 years and still works four days a week in private practice in Scarborough. He specialises in dental practice management, primary care dental service commissioning issues, legal compliance within the practice, complaints resolution and wider healthcare policy.

John was chairman of the BDA between 2000 and 2006, and has held senior representative roles with the NHS and the Department of Health. He was Dental Practice Adviser to various primary care organisations over a period of 15 years and is still Secretary to the Yorkshire Branch Council of the BDA.

Even sugar-free soft drinks erode children's teeth - Fluoridated Hong Kong

Sunory Dutt
Dr Chu Chun-hung, a clinical associate professor in community and family dentistry at the University of Hong Kong's (HKU) faculty of dentistry, recalls the case of a young boy who drank only soft drinks. The boy had such severe dental erosion that his two front teeth required root canal therapy due to the irreversible damage.
26dadf2e66a06f49074706724e626231.jpgChu says the boy was unaware that soft drinks, even those that are sugar-free, are acidic and therefore erode the structure of teeth. Added to that, the patient had used anti-hypersensitivity toothpaste that masked symptoms of erosion, such as sensitive teeth, and as a result worsened the condition.
Although this is an extreme case, a recent study by Chu and colleagues found dental erosion to be a common occurrence among primary school children in Hong Kong.
The study, published in BMC Public Health, found that among 600 12-year-old students surveyed across seven primary schools, 75 per cent displayed early signs of dental erosion, which the researchers linked to fruit juice consumption.

Hong Kong (100%) Fluoridated

Would you pay £60 for chocolate toothpaste?

Makers claim it's non-toxic, cleans teeth, builds enamel and tastes like dessert
Theodent's range includes sold out £6 Classic - and 300 £60 extra-strength
Fluoride-free using Rennou, theobromine, calcium, and phosphate instead
Theodent 300 represents the extra-strength version of the proprietary formulation - at 10x the costSold in Whole Foods and online, and the company ship worldwide
For the child who has everything, now there's chocolate flavoured toothpaste - which costs £60 per tube.
Luxury oral care firm Theodent use an extract from the cacao plant instead of flouride, something they say is a family-friendly alternative substance, not least because it tastes like pudding.
'Harnessing the power of the cocoa bean', the patented ingredient dubbed Rennou is a safe-to-swallow replacement to toxic fluoride present in most toothpastes.
Theodent also claims that these compounds not only clean teeth, but actually build up your enamel, making your pearly whites even stronger.
As for why it costs such a steep price remains to be seen. The classic toothpaste claims to only cost £6 ($10), but is currently unavailable for purchase on the website.
But the Theodent 300 - the extra strength paste with extra high doses of rennou - is available for purchase, costing £61 ($99.99) per tube. Multipacks raise the price even higher and shipping costs also apply.

13 Apr 2014

Environmental Toxins Linked to Rise in Autism

Story at-a-glance

    Environmental Toxins

State-mandated diagnosis of autism by a clinician for consideration in special education is linked with a near 99 percent decrease in the rate of incidence for autism and ID.If the school was required to pay for special needs, the likelihood of diagnosis dropped significantly.
Mounting research indicates that brain disorders are the result of excessive exposure to toxins from multiple sources, including the mother, while in utero
One recent study found that for every one percent increase in genital malformations in newborn males within a particular county, there was an associated 283 percent increase in autism
The correlation between genital malformation and autism offer strong support for the notion that autism is the result of parental overexposure to environmental toxins
Fluoride alone, which is still being added to many public water supplies around the US, can contribute to a seven-point drop in a child’s IQ score, on average
When the US National Toxicology Program was enacted in 1978, some 62,000 chemicals that were already in use were simply grandfathered in, even though they’d never been tested for toxicity

12 Apr 2014

Echo letters

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