28 Feb 2015

David Harrison Councillor

Hampshire against fluoride
The Campaigning Group, “Hampshire Against Fluoride” met for possibly the last time this afternoon, for a very happy occasion.
They held a party to celebrate the success of the campaign to keep fluoride out of local tap water and to thank everyone who played an active part in the campaign.
It’s been a pleasure working with HAF and a good example of politicians, Lib Dem, Conservative and Green all pulling together, showing a united front to see off this threat.
Sometimes I wish I had a £1 for every time I was told that we wouldn’t be able to stop the health authorities from imposing this on the population. I’m glad we kept going.
It was certainly a victory for democracy and we may not have succeeded were it not for a lot of coverage from the local press.
Oddly enough, it was a little sad to realise that we wouldn’t be meeting up again. I made a few new friends and it was really nice to join them in celebrating what has been a local success with national implications.

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