2 Mar 2015

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From now on I shall no longer continue to up date this blog. Below is the first record of our initial meeting to fight the decision of the PCT to ask the SHA to implement fluoridation.  Just seven of us.
It's taken seven years to stop them. The  NHS spent at least a £1,000,000 with the backing of the High Court yet despite this we won. Only this week two papers have been published about the link with obesity, ADHD and fluoridation confirming that truth was on our side . Fluoridation is neither safe nor effective.
Without the support of the people who took an interest to come to meetings and listen to the debates we could not have succeeded

I will continue with http://ukagainstfluoride.blogspot.co.uk/ I started  in 2005. Parts of the UK under threat find it useful to keep in touch with what is happening world wide.

This is the first entry in 2008 when we felt a separate web page was needed for HAF.

19 FEB 2008

First Meeting February 2008

Our first meeting was held in Southampton. The aim being to stop what is a national push to fluoridate all of England and Wales by Rt Hon Alan Johnson.
John Spottiswoode from the Green Party chaired the meeting

With little resources and no money it will be a Herculean task.
Ann Richards produced a outline of the possible campaign targets.
Dentists and Doctors.
In Ireland there is a group of 100 dentists who oppose fluoridation but it was felt that in Southampton it was most unlikely. The opinion being that no professional will risk his livelihood until about to retire.
Worth convincing as they have voted against fluoridation in the past but now they cannot stop fluoridation as it is Strategic Health Authority that has the last word.
Primary Care Trusts
Having voted to ask the SHA to set up feasibility studies little chance of persuading them.
Water Companies
Well worth following up as they too are not happy to follow the government legislation.
Trade Unions
Again worth considering possible lead considered.
Rescue Services
Record of spillage world wide to be downloaded
General Public
Informing via media and posters/leaflets. Concern that the cogent requirement may rule out many of the individual letters of protest.


rcannard said...

Thank you Bill and all the team at Hampshire Against Fluoride, i am sure we would all be drinking this poison by now if it wasn't for you, so on behalf of my health and my family's health i thank you for all your hard work over the years...All the best Ryan

Cllr Chris said...

"Be on your guard, I said, for the Evil One never rests" (quote - The Parson, from Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds).

just saying ..... they're sneaky! Nothing they would like you to think more than to believe you have won and can go away. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" (Thomas Jefferson). Don't trust the little baa-lambs!!

But a brilliant campaign in Hampshire. Somebody there must do PR for a living?

Thanks for the blog Bill - it's been very useful for me too in fluoridated South Staffs.

Carrie said...

Baa-lambs Councillor Chris? Ha ha, yes, one thing we 'Haffers' learned during our campaign was just how devious and calculating these psychopathic wolves in sheep's clothing are. What they didn't bargain for was the formidable force they were up against, so conceding defeat for now could well be a tactic to put us off guard believing our victory is set in stone while they plot and scheme anew to outwit the opposition.

Meanwhile, they are trying their luck elsewhere in Bedford and Hull, and will, I suspect, use their disgusting experiment in Cumbria to give fluoridation a clean bill of health and a glowing endorsement to persuade councils across the land to poison their citizens, before attempting to capture lost battleground here.

They may even be pinning their hopes on a Labour victory in May to fulfill Andy Burnham's ominous threat to make a nationwide roll out a priority. If they thought we were a tough nut to crack before, they will find us even tougher now.

But the most formidable opponent of all is the truth.