23 Feb 2015

Are chemicals to blame for cancer

Are we all victims of chemicals?YOUR SAY: I wonder if any figures have been published comparing the increasing numbers of cancer cases per population in the 19th century and our recent 20th century?
I think cancer numbers in those centuries would show an alarming increase and it could be due to what we have been putting into our food, air and water.
It is increasingly alarming to read about all the chemicals that are being put into our foods such as dyes, preservatives and stabilisers.
Our air is polluted and recently our water was compulsorily "medicated" by fluoride.
Are we all victims of these foreign chemicals?
Recently, I was given a cake of soap and was horrified to read it contained 26 chemicals!
The most creepy paragraph recently was that in some insecticides sprayed on our crops there remained the possibility they could in the future to be found to alter our chromosomes!
If our chromosomes are in danger, so are our immune systems.
DOROTHY ROW, Toowoomba

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rcannard said...

People need to realise that if we allow big business to continue sucking this planet dry of every consumable resource then soon there will be nothing left...Pollution and desecration go hand in hand when all are blinded by profit...Who cares about the animals,the air,our food and environment being poisoned it's only our home after all,but i will remind everyone it's the only home we have,anyone looking in from the outside must think we are a crazy breed, who are hell bent on self destruction...