29 Jan 2015

The British Dental Association say they support proposal

The British Dental Association say they support proposals that would see the drinking water in Hull fluoridated.
They say that according to their own research, children living in the West Midlands, where the water has been fluoridated for over 50 years, are far less likely to need hospital treatment for tooth decay compared to those living in the North West, which is socially and economically similar, but doesn't have fluoride in the water supply.
BDA officials are backing fluoridation in Hull as a cost-effective way to reduce the area's very poor dental health. Over 43% of five year-olds in the city suffer from tooth decay, compared to around 28% nationally.
They also suggest fluoridation would only cost the equivalent of 40p per person per year to introduce.
The BDA's Scientific Adviser, Professor Damien Walmsley, says flouridation poses no health risks, and wouldn't affect the taste of the water either:
"It's a very small amount - one part per million. And in fact, some parts of the country have natural fluoride in, and the people there don't notice the difference in the taste of the water."
"There's fluoride in tea, and everyone who's drinking tea is getting fluoride as well. I've not noticed anyone having problems after drinking tea - there's no taste difference."
"We found that, in Birmingham, the number of admissions is low compared to, say, Liverpool or Manchester, where there's a 27 times greater chance of having to have teeth extracted. That just shows the benefits straight away."

I'd be amazed if they didn't support their own agenda. No health risks no such thing as fluorosis for a start. I forgot, according to them only dentists can see the white spots and it enhances the appearance.

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