29 Jan 2015

Fluoride Toothpastes & Fluorosis

fluoride-toothpastes-headerWhile there is no doubt that when used by young children, toothpastes with 1000 to 1350 ppm F carry a very high risk for FLUOROSIS, limited data is available for risks associated with toothpaste containing 500 ppm F; one study conducted in the UK showed FLUOROSIS in children using a toothpaste with 550 ppm F. A disturbing feature of ‘recommended usage’ displayed on tubes of some ADULT toothpastes with ‘maximum fluoride’ sold in Australia is the inference that the adult toothpaste can be used in children if a ‘pea sized’ amount is used. This is bad advice and POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS because ‘pea-sized’ amounts containing 1500 ppm F will be swallowed by young children and cause severe FLUOROSIS of developing permanent teeth.

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