19 Nov 2014


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Fluoride Free Towns project website

Bantry Group StatusThis project has been set up to serve as a platform to encourage citizens in all communities across the country to positively and proactively engage with each other at a local level on the fluoride issue and take collective concrete action to have Ireland’s mandatory water fluoridation policy reversed.
If we’re to continue to see movement and a fluoride free Ireland realised, we need to have fluoride free projects set up all over the country that will serve to encourage communities to engage with each other on the fluoride issue at a local level in time effecting local politics that will bring about a long needed change to Ireland’s outdated and dangerous public health policy.
If you or your community would like to get involved with the national effort, now is a good time.  There is an impending general election on the horizon and a template you can use to help your Town achieve fluoride free status as part of the growing Fluoride Free Towns Project.  Please see the link or feel free to contact us for more details…http://fluoridefreetowns.com/how-to-acquire-fluoride-free-status/

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