3 Jul 2014


Woman takes fluoride case against Government

In response to this, a user has submitted a news piece about a woman taking a case against the Government over the issue.
Aisling Fitzgibbon Fluoride Dublin
“Really pleased that you have run a story on Chris Andrews motion asking Dublin City Council to join the local authorities all across Ireland that want the Government to stop forced fluoridation.
Aisling Fitzgibbon, above is one of the 20,000 people across Ireland who have evidence that fluoride compounds adversely affect health. Babies, young boys, people with thyroid illness, asthma, kidney disease and arthritis are worst affected. Fluorides cost more than €10m a year and according to recent scientific reports by Peckham et al, are of dubious, if any, health benefit. Patients should have a right to drink toxin-free water.
Aisling has galvanised 20,000 people across Ireland to help her end The Republic’s 50 years of forced fluoridation of public water. She says the policy is outdated and costly and confers no benefits, while impinging on her human rights.”

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