2 Jul 2014

Hampshire gets a mention in USA

Dallas Stops Flouridation In Tap Water, Saves $1 Million A Year
As UK government urges councils to add fluoride
By: Laura Dronfield
Water fluoridation is widely used cross the USA with an estimated 72% of homes using public water containing fluoride. However, Dallas has just ended its water fluoridation after concerned residents insisted it be taken out of their water supply.Many people are concerned about the negative affects of using fluoridated water after studies in the US and China found that the chemical disrupts the immune system, increases the ageing process and can even cause genetic damage.

Dallas council members took heed of these reports and removed fluoride from their water on April 23rd. And far from being a costly  process the move has saved Dallas $1 million a year.

Accross the Atlantic, currently, there are very few areas in the UK where fluoride is added to the water and it is estimated that this currently affects just 6 million people.

However, many government health officials are insisting fluoridation is safe and has a very positive impact on dental health. Public Health England has urged councils to reconsider their decision on fluoridation and insists that it is a ‘safe and effective’ public health measure. Recent attempts to add fluoride to water in the Hampshire area were met with campaigns of protest and resulted in a court case, thanks to residents’ concerns over health impacts.

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