20 Jan 2014

As from today, water fluoridation must be prohibited
in all Member States of the EC
20th January 2014
For years the British and Irish governments have wriggled around the food and medicine laws in order to continue fluoridation, They claim it's a food, and that it complies with the quality standards set by the Drinking Water Directive. (It's not - the Directive doesn't apply to any 'medicinal water', but let's run with this for a moment.)
At midnight last night (19th January 2014) the last loophole in the food laws of the EC was slammed shut, when the deadline for using an unconventional chemical source materials for any mineral added to food finally expired. It is now not possible to argue that fluoridated water is still regulated under food and water law, like real potable water. 
In both EC and English law fluoride is listed as a mineral. EC Regulation 1925/2006  lists all of those chemicals that are authorised to be used to add a 'mineral' to any food. FLuoridation chemicals are not authorised, but back in 2006 the European Parliament left a loophole that would have allowed the British of the Irish governments to get permission to continue fluoridation after the deadline expired, had they followed the proper procedures. Application  to continue to use fthese unorthodox chemicals in foods were permissible until 10th January 2010, but remarkably, neither government submitted one. Had they done so, they could have argued for fluoridated water is a legitimate food until 19th January 2014 - that's last night.
So as from today, the addition of fluorosilicic acid to any food is completely prohibited banned throughout the entire European Community, and our rogue governments can no longer claim that fluoridated is a food. As Lord Jauncey, David Shaw and I have argued, it's a medicine, and since it's unlicensed for medicinal use, its supply to us, the public, is illegal.
The legal and commercial implications of this are enormous. Any EC Member State can now refuse to allow the importation of any food that has been prepared - or even just washed - with fluoridated water,during its processing. This includes a potential ban on any foods from States outside the EC, such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA and many other countries that allow the contamination of public water supplies with this illegal ingredient.
For the full story, go to https://www.ukcaf.org/independence_day.html Then pass the PDF to your Local Authority, your MP, your MEP, and any others who are concerned for the enforcement of those laws that have been passed to protect us from fake medicines and contaminated foods..

Doug Cross. BSc. CSci, CBiol. FSB

UK Councils Against Fluoridation

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