18 Jan 2014

Comment from Doug Cross on Romsey Advertiser.

Doug at UKCAF says...

Oh dear - here we go again! Drinking water is a food. Adding fluorosilicic acid to any food to increase its fluoride level has been prohibited under EU food law since 2010. The UK government failed to apply for special permission to continue using this illegal ingredient to drinking water by that date. So continuing to argue interminable over whether or not there is an existing 'agreement' with the Water Company is yet more time-wasting - this can easily be reinstated by PHE anyway.
Why do not the Hampire Councils instead all get together and ask their Trading Standards Officers (and lawyers) to take a closer look at the legislation that actually forbids this practice?
Remember this - fluoridated water is NOT drinking king water - it's a 'medicinal water. As such its quality is NOT subject to control under the Drinking Water Directive. So substituting fluoridated water for drinking water takes away all of the protection for consumers afforded by that Directive. Are we really certain that we want to allow this alternative product to be delivered to our homes?
Stop procrastinating - English law is in conflict with European law, so demand that it be brought in line. That way, PHE will be forced to drop this lunatic scheme, and there can be no further arguments, anywhere!

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