30 Dec 2013

The Naked Truth from Ireland

By Aisling Fitzgibbon, The Girl Against Fluoride

In 2013, The Girl Against Fluoride campaign began to pierce through the armour of unawareness through a series of various actions, including stripping to pink underwear on the main street in Dublin and serious scientific presentations throughout the country.

Hot Press breaks through press barrier

The campaign was catapulted into the mainstream mindset through the efforts of Hot Press investigative journalist, Adrienne Murphy, who highlighted the endemic corruption surrounding the mandatory water fluoridation policy.

Feeble response from the Department of Health
Although the Department of Health was given the opportunity to retort, their answers were based on the flawed science that underpins this archaic policy. Hot Press also gave a platform to environmental scientist Declan Waugh, whose research on water fluoridation was used to help end the policy of water fluoridation in Israel, but whose work has been ignored and derided by the pro-fluoridation zealots who strongly influence the media and the political system. Two political parties have made statements against fluoridation while in opposition (the Fiona Gael party and the Green Party, but then forget it when they get into office).

Protest against Chemifloc
There have been many memorable moments in this campaign, notably when we held a protest outside the company that distributes the water fluoridation chemicals in Ireland. This was a fun protest. We were joined by musicians, singers and even a comedian. Our posters – Chemifloc: Chemicals for the Flock with pictures of sheep were applauded by passers by.

Protests in pink underwear
Our protest in Dublin in pink underwear with my mum dressed as the pink panther giving out pink balloons to children with the name of the campaign on them was an astounding success as we hit three main media outlets. People who had no interest in water fluoridation were led to the issue through the power of the pink bikini-go figure!!!

Main political parties let us down
Politically, 2013 saw us reach an impasse when the three main political parties in Ireland voted to retain the water fluoridation policy – opposing a bill introduced by the Sinn Fein party. Although we were unfazed by this, we now know that our only chance to get this policy banned is to take the matter to court.
Raising funds for the court case
To help raise funds for expert witnesses for this court case we created the “Naked Calendar” that so far has helped us raise a third of the funding needed. The calendar has also helped to raise awareness among people who would never have heard of this issue were it not for the scientific points, which we strategically placed near the beautiful images. 
Our Facebook page now has over 16,000 followers and this continues to grow on a daily basis.

Court case proceedings will begin in January 2014 when we will attempt to overthrow a Supreme Court ruling in 1963 (see Paul’s tribute to Gladys Ryan above) that mandated water fluoridation in the Republic of Ireland.  We are fighting for our democratic right to clean safe water.
A victory in Ireland will help everyone
Happy New Year to all of you wonderful fluoride fighters.
I believe that our joint efforts will pave the way for clean water for generations to come – not just for Ireland but throughout the world in those countries that blindly follow this practice as if there was no such thing as scientific research! Let’s hope that common sense and justice prevail in 2014.

Aisling, Aka “The Girl Against Fluoride”     

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rcannard said...

It really does make you wonder how much longer this farce will continue, brushing aside scientific evidence for more than fifty years just goes to show the level of corruption and lies we are up against,but the truth will out. Happy New Year HAF Team all the best