31 Dec 2013

Ending Fluoridation: An Impossible Dream?

By Paul Connett, FAN Director
Many things appeared impossible once and yet they were eventually made to happen. The fall of the Berlin wall was one. The release of Nelson Mandela was another. As Mandela said, “it always seems impossible until it’s done.” Ending fluoridation after 68 years may also “seem impossible.” So, how close can we get to our “impossible dream” in 2014?
It is not going to be easy

We know that we will be outspent by at least 1000 to 1 by the pro-fluoridation lobby. This lobby includes the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Oral Health Division; the health departments in every U.S. state and the heath agencies in every other fluoridated country. These all use taxpayers’ money to push this practice on their citizens. It also includes the American Dental Association (reputed to raise $100 million a year) and the dental organizations in other fluoridating countries. Surprisingly to some, it now even includes the Pew Charitable Trusts, a multi-billion foundation. Less surprisingly, it also includes the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) an industry-funded group that has never found a chemical it couldn’t defend (including dioxin) and is a long-term and aggressive supporter of fluoridation.


Cllr Chris said...

Not impossible. But needs weight of numbers (individuals), tens of 1000s of them! Hassling the water companies, Health Boards (on County Councils as well as in the NHS), Governments and MPs.

But mostly (in my humble view) it needs people to stop voting for the three main parties - not unless people are absolutely sure their candidate is 100% against fluoridation. Hit the politicans where it hurts! Don't trust them - any of them! Don't trust any squealing out of weaselly promises forced out of them as a result. Just get them out - no mercy! ASAP!

Thank you to HAF people for all the useful information over the year. Happy New Year to you and everybody involved in the fight against fluoride.

rcannard said...

I couldn't agree more it's a slow process but people are waking up to the lies and corruption in all the three major parties, "and about time to". The Conservatives seem hell bent on destroying the Uk by attacking the very people it represents,unemployed the sick and disabled and the poor who they seem to have a special hatred for, flooding the country with illegals and turning the people against each other is one of there policies or so it would seem. I personally have lost all respect for all political parties as there isn't one that puts it's people first. Fluoridation in my opinion has now become an agenda this isn't just about healthy teeth it goes much deeper than that and the government should step in instead of just passing the buck to the health authorities who make out they know what's best for us and our children even though they can't even keep there own hospitals clean and germ free. Happy New Year Councilor