12 Oct 2013

Fluoride Gets Primetime Coverage On Irish Mainstream T.V. Oct 7

Earlier this year RTE was forced to cover some of the damning facts about the dangers of water fluoridation thanks to the ongoing efforts of campaigners nationwide. After 50 years of suppressing the truth from the people of Ireland it was the first time that the national broadcaster allowed both sides of the debate to see the light of day on mainstream television. Now six months later and with public awareness growing by the day RTE have ran yet another report on the addition of this industrial waste into the Irish water supply. However they decided at the last minute to scrap their original plans to bring Declan Waugh onto the show to share his expert knowledge on the toxicity effects of fluoride on human and animal health. Declan is an environmental scientist from Bandon Co.Cork who last year wrote out an extensive 343 page scientific report on the health impacts of water fluoridation. Since then his report has been used in multiple lawsuits to successfully remove fluoride from public water supplies in cities and countries worldwide. He has also been featured in 10 issues of Irelands Hot Press magazine where he goes into great depth on this violation of human rights which effects every man, woman and child in the country.

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Anonymous said...

Please list those 'law suits' in which Mr Waugh's evidence has been influential in a court decision to stop fluoridation.