12 Oct 2013

Fluoride Free Toothpaste

The BEST ToothPaste

- by , D.D.S., N.M.D.
Which is the Best ToothPaste?
Patients often ask me which is the best toothpaste, the fluoride free toothpaste, if this or that ingredient is toxic or dangerous to our health. I am happy to share my opinion on the best toothpaste, and certainly fluoride free toothpaste is a must.. however, my greatest concern is the bigger picture - including unhealthy foods, ingredients, additives and chemicals that we are exposed to on a continuous basis. Although a single exposure to a highly hazardous material is something we all want to avoid, it is the ongoing exposure to these unhealthy substances that I am very concerned with, things we use repeatedly such as the foods we eat, the soaps and detergents we use, the air we breathe, the electromagnetic and radiation we receive, the pills and even supplements we ingest.

Homemade Toothpaste

Commonly Found Chemicals (even in some fluoride free toothpaste)

Of course one such product, that most of us use on a daily basis is our toothpaste, so it behooves us to take a close look at what we are putting in our mouths, and is being absorbed by our very permeable oral mucosa. First of all, i want to list many of the ingredients that are commonly found in the commercial version of a “best toothpaste” (some of them even in so called “Natural” and “Fluoride Free Toothpaste”) 

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