26 Sep 2013

A Few Reason To Dump That Carton Of Orange Juice Down The Drain

.....When you purchase a product from the grocery store you consider it to be fresh and of the utmost quality. Well big name orange juice is far from it. According to expert and author of the book Squeezed, Aliissa Hamilton reveals that orange juice is stripped of oxygen, flavor and stored for up to a year in tanks (an industry process called deaeration) then re-flavored before it is packaged and sold to consumers, Hamilton also states that if one were to taste the juice coming out of these tanks, it would taste like pure sugar water, not orange juice. I don’t know about you but this practice sounds absolutely disgusting. I understand big business and supply chain but there has to be a better way than this. Millions of gallons of slop being stored for up to a year and then add on the 30-60 day sell by date and essentially the product could be 14 months old before you ingest it...............

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