11 Jan 2013

Dental decay remains a problem for Utah, US kids

By WENDY LEONARD, Deseret News
Bubble gum-flavored toothpaste and electric spinning toothbrushes have made a big difference in how often and how willingly Cindi Barraclough's kids brush their teeth.
But it helps to have the added assurance that their teeth are protected, should any sugar get past the burgeoning brushing habits.
A dental assistant at Kidz Dental Works in Syracuse placed sealants on 6-year-old Braxton Barraclough's teeth Tuesday, forming a plastic shield to protect surfaces on his molars furthest back. It's something each Barraclough family member has had done as soon as they are old enough, and "it really cuts back on the number of cavities they've had," the Farmington mother said.
"It's nice to feel like you have that protection, but you still have to brush all the time," she told the Deseret News. "I think of it as a really good backup plan."
According to a Pew Center report released Tuesday, more Utah kids are in need of the preventive dental treatment. However, some insurance plans don't cover it and for other individuals, dental care is out of reach altogether.
"It really is a problem," said Michelle Martin, a hygienist and oral health specialist for the state of Utah. She said fluoridated water has helped prevent cavities in some kids, but a recent survey found that 23 percent of Utah kids drink only bottled water, circumventing the benefits available in public water sources in various counties....

Utah just like Birmingham both fluoridated both have cavities.

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