12 Feb 2012

Westernized Diet is Linked as Major Cause of the Declining Health in America

Westernized Diet is Linked as Major Cause of the Declining Health in America
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SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – Most of the diseases that plague our society today were not part of any society prior to the institution of American grain products. Weston A. Price was the first to make this connection. Price was a dentist who began seeing a rise in tooth decay. His theory was that it was related to something in our diets. He decided to close his practice and travel the world to see what he could find out. From 1931-1937 he performed studies comparing native tribes to tribes that had begun to eat western grains. The conclusions he found were astonishing.

In every corner of the world the natives that ate meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables were bigger and had more stunning physiques. One tribe in Africa had men that on average stood over 7 feet tall and women that stood over 6 feet tall. They also had very rare cases of malformed dental arches and tooth decay, tuberculosis, arthritis, and cancer was unheard of. In the populations that were eating westernized foods tooth deformity was seen in the first genetic line following first consumption of grains as well as tooth decay. Tuberculosis, arthritis, and cancer were very prevalent amongst these societies. More about his studies can be read at www.westonaprice.org.

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