11 Feb 2012

Daily Echo - Stop the fluoride, that's all the improvement we need

Stop the fluoride, that's all the improvement we need
I AM writing about a piece in the Daily Echo dated February 1 titled "Rise will pay for improved water supply".
It goes on to say that households in the south will see their water bills rise by an average £31. So the average bill for Southern Water customers will shoot up to £416 a year from £385 last year.
It seems to me that poor Joe
Public has to end up paying for the so-called free water meters that we are all forced to have.
Also, it makes me mad when Southern Water has the cheek to say about the improved water supply and yet they are willing to add a toxic fluoride against our wishes.
It is a very big insult that they are charging us for things we don't want.
The only way our water will be improved is to keep fluoride out.
I don't even want to pay my water bill if fluoride goes in, let alone pay any extra that they want.
Can I ask Southern Water: what are you calling improved water then?
I thought the water tasted better years ago than it does now.
It would be interesting to know
if any other Echo readers think the water tasted any better.
To me, and a lot of people I have spoken to, we think it has a tangy taste sometimes.
If you want us to pay up then give us clean water and listen to the people. Keep fluoride out. That will be improvement enough.
MRS K KINCHINGTON, address supplied.

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