20 Feb 2012

Water investigation to start after nine-year fight

Tamworth - Water investigation to start after nine-year fight.
Monday, February 20, 2012
Tamworth Herald
Follow.A COUNCILLOR claims he has been given the "run-about" for nine years ahead of a day of scrutiny into fluoride levels in Tamworth's water supply.
Independent Councillor Chris Cooke has led a crusade to address the levels of fluoride in the town's water, and on Monday, February 20, an all-day scrutiny into the issue will be held at Marmion House.
"For nine years they gave me the run-about, but now a petition from over 1,000 Tamworth people has forced this all-day scrutiny."
The council's deputy leader, Rob Pritchard, said: "There has been no intention to prevent any issue being discussed by any councillor.
"The fluoride issue was already discussed by a committee last year, of which Cllr Cooke was a member – he was, however, unsatisfied with the outcome of that committee work."
Cllr Cooke fears the scrutiny will become an "over-simple discussion about teeth" and a "decision not to make a decision".
He added: "Water fluoride has been linked in many thousands of studies around the world to arthritis, fybromyalgia, neurological diseases, thyroid trouble, kidney failure, permanent tooth damage, lowered IQ, behaviour problems, retarded development, even obesity.
"It's a poison and has no place in the human body, nor in our water."
In a statement addressing councillor Cooke's claims, councillor Pritchard added: "The issue of fluoride being in Tamworth's water supply is again being discussed by the Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee after a petition was organised."
He stressed: "It is worth noting that Tamworth Borough Council has no influence over the supply, content or regulation of the water supply.
"Therefore, regardless of the outcome of the scrutiny committee, we cannot alter the water supply content."
The public are free to attend the scrutiny debate.
It is taking place between 10am and 4pm.

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