18 Feb 2012

Meeting 25th February

Feb 2012 Meeting Notice

Hampshire Against Fluoridation

It's 3 years since the SHA ruled that they would impose fluoridation on Southampton ignoring a 72% who responded to the consultation with a resounding NO.
Hampshire Against Fluoridation have fought to stop this happening and now have total support of all Political Parties and local Councils. The last chance for the Strategic Health Authority to carry out this threat to our health is this year.
Come along to this meeting and hear Dr Julian Lewis, New Forest East MP speak about his opinion on forced medication and how undemocratic the process is. David Harrison who represents the Totton area who also holds the opinion that this is against the wishes of the local people. Arshad Sharif as representative of the Moslem Council will voice his objection. Stephen Peckham chairman of HAF will outline the present situation with Southern Water and the SHA and further action you can take.
ITV Manchester have expressed an interest in incorporating film footage in their programme about fluoridation.
A good attendance is vital to show that we do still care. Please print the attached poster and show to as many people as you can especially those who live or work in the proposed fluoridated area.

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