12 Jan 2012

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SOAPBOX: Fluoride in tap water
Incensed' at SHA pushing on with fluoridation
I REFER to your letter (January 4) headed "Poison allowed to invade our lives" and totally concur with the sentiments expressed.
I worry constantly and am incensed that the SHA shelters behind the powers handed to them and with, unbelievable contempt, deny the stated basic rights of the majority to enjoy a
water supply unpolluted by toxins.
I am also disappointed and angry that Southern Water appears to have simply "rolled over" and in response to my letter simply saying that they are bound by law and regulations to follow SHA instructions.
It is like an echo from the past
- "We only did what we were told..."
But perhaps those members of the SHA who cynically endorsed this vile scheme don't live within the designated area? Shame on them and those in power and authority who are letting them get away with it.

Adding fluoride to our water is 'obsolete1
LIKE Mr A Roberts (Letters, January 6), I top have concerns over fair play with regard to water fluoridation.
I am not a conspiracy theorist but am opposed to fluoridation for a number of very valid reasons.
Firstly, there is no high-quality evidence to support the practice. This is a fact and not an opinion. The "proven benefits" referred to by Mr Roberts are not backed up by scientific evidence.
The York Review found a surprising lack of good evidence to support claims made by proponents of fluoridation.
Hexafluorosilicic acid is, in fact, industrial grade fluoride and people are right to be concerned about this. I for one do not want to drink it.
Even more worrying, there are a number of studies published in quality, peer reviewed journals indicating that some infants will exceed recommended levels if consuming formula milk made up with fluoridated water.
Fluorosis - mottling of the teeth as a result of too much fluoride - is a growing problem in fluoridated countries which is why so many places have lowered the levels of fluoride permitted in water or abandoned this antiquated practice completely.
Scotland, for example, has helped tackle the problem of poor dental health in children by using an effective, targeted approach which involves varnishes and educational
interventions at the nursery stage.
I may not have an A level in chemistry but I know that it is not good practice to add fluoride to drinking water. I live in the area, I pay for my water, I have researched the evidence, attended every consultation question and answer event and Hampshire County Council's scrutiny process and my opinion is as valid as anyone else's.
It is a disgrace that unelected SHA board members feel they have the right to force this scheme upon local people.
I prefer to place my trust in world-renowned scientists such as Nobel Prize winner Dr Arvid Carlsson who called the practice of water fluoridation "obsolete".
ANNA PECKHAM, Southampton.

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