13 Jan 2012

Daily Echo letter

Why would anyone want fluoridation?
I WOULD like to comment on the letter titled "Let's talk fair about issue of fluoridation", Daily Echo January 6 by Mr A K Roberts of Romsey.
1. Mr Roberts states that the term mass medication is not justified regarding fluoridation and that chlorine-based products added cause more serious disease. Well, we all know the chlorine isn't particularly good for us, but that is in our water to help kill any bugs. Also, why should we have fluoride added as well to help make our water even more toxic to drink?
2. He also says that there is intense focus on the possible side effects of fluoridation and a blind eye turned to the basic proven benefits. There is such a lot of evidence against fluoridation, and really very little for it. There are no benefits to putting it into our water supply.
3. Another comment was that the SHA approved fluoridation after careful expert examination, but most of them are not experts.
4. Also he states that we protesters have fallen for the popular conspiracy theory syndrome that the SHA are buying poison from evil manufacturers who can't dispose of it legally and adding it to our water. Well, conspiracies do happen, and in the case of fluoridation we protesters have told people the truth. The part Mr Roberts got right is that the SHA are buying a poison and dumping it into our water supply. Nobody has the right to put a toxic waste into our lifeline.
5. Another comment was that every letter we have written has a negative slant on fluoridation. Well, the answer to that is when we are trying to warn people about the bad effects of fluoride we all feel that without it added we will all benefit from drinking better quality water, I would say that was quite positive.
6. So, Mr Roberts, can you please answer one question: Why would anyone want a toxic chemical added to their water, that none of us will be able to boil out if we wanted to, that toxic chemical being fluoride? Nobody with any common sense can justify it in any way.
Most people of Southampton and surrounding areas do not want this mad scheme.

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