10 Sep 2011

Professor Sheldon work in this area is not held in high regard!

Councillor Noon's reply to Anna's letter (below)

Thank you for your further email with regard to Fluoridation, but I do feel I have a moral duty to support Fluoridation on the grounds that: Fact: Over 97% of scientist and health professional say that the small amounts of fluoride that the Health service are proposing to use ARE NOT HARMFUL and pose no risk only massive dental health benefits to children and also dental health benefits to other sections of the community. Professor Sheldon work in this area is not held in high regard (like others that use bad science) by most of his peers. At least in your reply you do hint that that it will benefit children.

I enter politics some 40 years ago to improve the lives of others and society in general, therefore, believe I have a moral duty to support fluoridation and will be doing so.

With regards,
John Noon
Councillor for Bargate.

Dear Cllr Noon

Thank you for your reply. I wish to politely inform you that there is, in fact, no evidence to support your claim of a "massive improvement" in older people's dental health. Such claims prompted the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) to request that the PCT withdraw this claim from their advertising material and website. Professor Sheldon (the Chair of the York Review ) also cautions about such claims about children's dental health and water fluoridation. However, there is evidence (a Cochrane Review - the gold standard in terms of evidence) to support the use of fluoride varnishes on children's teeth which is a targeted and evidence-based intervention.

Anna Peckham

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