11 Sep 2011

The more she eats, the more she wants

The more she eats, the more she wants
Published on 09/09/2011
Sugar is not an essential nutrient in the body — it is a harmful product. JOHN MUTURI shows you how to wean a baby off sugar
Sugar is so sweet and like most of us, babies find it
Weight gain
If the child’s calorie intake is higher than her energy needs, she will gain weight.
Obesity has serious long-term health effects such as diabetes and premature death.
Thankfully, your child can be weaned off sugar.
Studies show that if you give a child low amounts of sugar between the ages of two and four, when she grows up and is exposed to more sugar she tends not liking it.

• Offer only healthy snacks between meals — a biscuit with cream cheese and chopped fresh raw fruit.

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