20 Sep 2011

Daily Echo Letters

Change of law needed to stop fluoride
ALTHOUGH it is heartening to read of fluoridation schemes being scrapped in other parts of Britain (Daily Echo, September 13), and indeed in other places around the world, I fear it is over-optimistic to think that exorbitant costs will play any significant part in dissuading those bodies bent on pushing through their plans from doing so.
Nothing has stopped the enormous wastage so far and that by a health service supposedly in financial difficulties!
Remember it is not just the expense of materials, but also arranging for storage, security, staffing and so on.
Meanwhile, Southern Water refuses to stand up for the right of its customers not to receive random medication through their water supply, even though acknowledging that this is what fluoridation is.
Revision of the current law may well transfer power to authorise fluoridation, but what is needed is a law which will actually protect our water from this kind of interference. And the sooner the better.
G PAYNE, Southampton.

Keep fluoride out of our water!
THE water we drink is our lifeline, Without it we cannot survive It has to be always pure and safe, In order to keep us alive. Our bodies wont tolerate fluoride, It causes great harm, there's no doubt,It's dangerous to add it to water supplies, So, we must fight to keep fluoride out.

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