29 Jun 2011

New Zealand - Anderton calls for levy on sugary drinks

Anderton calls for levy on sugary drinks
28/06/2011 6:00:00
Progressive MP Jim Anderton
By Nina Burton
If Jim Anderton gets his way, sugary drinks will no longer be cheaper than milk.
The Progressive MP is calling for a levy on sugar laden soft drinks to help pay for the country's dental care.
He says as well as dental decay, new research shows New Zealand has some of the highest rates of diabetes in the world.
Jim Anderton says Coca Cola is the number one best seller in supermarkets, and that's a big part of the problem.
He says it's no surprise around 3,000 kids under five are having operations to remove rotting teeth.
Mr Anderton says a little prevention is a better alternative to a lot of costly treatment once the damage has been done.

Good Idea.

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