29 Jun 2011

Daily Echo letter - A battle we were never going to win

A battle we were never going to win
SO, the SHA has legally won the battle to add fluoride to Southampton, Eastleigh and Totton's public water supply.
Well, the SHA was never going to lose this battle because of its armour, i.e. Statutory Instruments (SI) 921.
I asked the SHA in April 2009 what was its power, and it sent me a copy of SI 921, which basically stated that the outcome of any consultation that opposes the consultation's intention can be ignored simply because we, the 'consulted upon', lack the educational knowledge to be able to reach an educated opinion.
This therefore means we have lost our case at the first hurdle.
As far as I can see, drinking fluoridated water may even cure ingrowing toenails, yet until this has been scientifically proven we can never be sure.
The outcome of any consultation based upon the above Statutory Instrument will always win the day.
As I have previously stated hi my letter to the Echo in February 2011, it is this legal document's wording that has to be altered. Now SI 921 has been accepted by the highest court in our land as being legally secure, whether we consider its wording morally unjust or not.
Meyrick Gough, water quality and strategy manager at Southern Water (Letters, June 16), basically states that Southern Water is only following orders from the SHA in line with another Statutory Instrument 920.
The very next day we all learn the verdict that the fluoridation of Southampton's water via Southern Water's facilities will take place within months.
Was this a case of 'don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger'?
My worry now is that as the power to implement these two Statutory Instruments will pass over to local councils, then our council's approach may well be to continue hi the SHA's footsteps.
Will our Southampton Council reassure me that it will not allow this fluoridation process to take place?
I fail to understand why Southampton Council's vote to accept fluoride into Southampton residents' public water supply seems so easily accepted by our neighbouring councils without so much as an 'On your bike, Southampton' comment.
Maybe these councils will now speak up to protect their residents' opinions.
JOHN POPE, Woodmill, Southampton.

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