22 Apr 2011

Leading Wellness Professional Asserts that Many “Natural” Toothpastes Are Ineffective and May Even Pose Health Hazards

Leading Wellness Professional Asserts that Many “Natural” Toothpastes Are Ineffective and May Even Pose Health Hazards
Recent reports regarding fluoride toxicity leads to a misguided “natural” toothpaste movement, according to leading Dentist, USC Professor and prominent wellness professional, Dr. Flora Stay
PRWEB) April 21, 2011
Spurred by recent debates about fluoride toxicity, many health professionals are stepping back into the toothpaste and dental health discussion. There is a rising concern that we may be over-exposing our citizens to fluoride. This naturally occurring mineral is typically added to drinking water in an effort to prevent cavities in children. Recent studies suggest that fluoridation may pose more health risks than benefits. In fact, couple enriched water with fluoride toothpaste, fluoride supplements and mouthwash, and fluoride can reach toxic levels. In response to this debate a whole culture of natural toothpaste proponents has been on the rise. While based in good intentions, this phenomena is rooted in more myth than in reality. According to health professional Dr. Flora Stay, simply being a “natural toothpaste” is not enough.

Dr. Flora Stay knows a thing or two about toothpaste. She is the author of Secret Gateway to Health, a practicing dentist, a USC professor, and she has spent the last 20 years in toothpaste research and development. “I believe it is my responsibility to let consumers know why natural toothpaste is typically a waste of money.”

“A healthy mouth requires several things. It must have adequate saliva, maintain a neutral pH, be regularly cleaned by a professional dentist… and of course it’s nice to have minimum sugar exposure.” Dr. Stay adds, “I understand the desire to limit fluoride consumption and exposure to synthetic chemicals. That makes sense to me too… but rather than seeking out “natural toothpaste”, look for an effective and safe toothpaste.”
What makes for an effective and safe toothpaste?
Your toothpaste should include Xylitol to aid in decay prevention and help flow of saliva as well as baking soda to help remove stains and neutralize acids.
It should taste good without adding saccharin.
It should be free of harsh abrasives, herbs and other irritating additives.
It should be free of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS.
So why is natural toothpaste a myth?
It’s a marketing ploy… if a product is truly natural, it would require refrigeration.
Most of the herbs featured in many of the so-called natural toothpastes are totally ineffective against tooth decay, may have unpleasant side effects and are often sprayed with pesticides. If an herb has drug-like properties, it should be used with caution, especially on pregnant, breastfeeding women or children

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