22 Apr 2011

Daily Echo - Letter

Keep tap water pure
IT has been suggested that if our water supply is contaminated, bottled water can be purchased.
You would need a lot of bottled water to have a shower or a bath at home and what about public swimming baths where people and children dive into the water? Obviously it must go into their eyes, nose and ears apart from amounts swallowed. The water will not reach teeth in these instances.
The people who may well suffer the most will be the bulge drinkers who down several pints in an evening. It will not do their teeth any good as they just pour it down their throats, not touching the teeth. I wonder what it does to their insides? If it is going to prevent decay in teeth it must be fairly strong. Have tests been done on what action this has on flesh?
A better and cheaper plan would be for the shops to sell water which contains fluoride to those who feel they need it and keep our taps running with water as pure as is possible.
AC DAVIDSON, Locks Heath.

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