17 Apr 2011

The Fluoride Detective Speaks Up Against Fluoridation

The Fluoride Detective Speaks Up Against Fluoridation
Last month, Jim wrote a powerful article about what signs point toward the possibility of a new American Revolution on the horizon.
One of the signs Jim pointed to was the tendency of U.S. industry to inflict their products upon the population in a premature manner – before sufficient testing can be finished as to the effects those products have on humans.
One specific example was outlined in a section of Jim’s article titled “The Fluoridation of America.”
The response was overwhelming. A number of readers Tweeted, Facebooked and even sent me direct emails about their own personal experiences dealing with the inappropriate (and many would say unnecessary) fluoridation of the U.S. public water supply.
One such reader was Golda Starr, a self-described survivor of water fluoridation. On her website, Fluoride Detective, Golda shares her personal experience about having “fluoridated kidneys,” how she prevented kidney failure by avoiding the ingestion of fluoride.
As a medical social worker, the realization that fluoride was what caused her medical problems ticked her off.
She is now on a mission to explore and identify the cause of this continued fluoridation of our country, and to once and for all put an end to what essentially could amount to the slow poisoning of millions of Americans – including children – with what is essentially an industrial waste product. It is good for the teeth – on the teeth – but not good when ingested.

In Her Own Words – Golda Starr the Fluoride Detective
I asked Golda for her story, and what inspired her to start a blog about her experiences. The following is Golda’s response, which she agreed to have published on Top Secret Writers...........................

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