18 Apr 2011

Daily Echo Letters

Ready market for fertilizer effluent
SO John Oliver is yet another one duped by the pro-fluoride lobby! What's more, to support his view, he quotes a leaflet from the USA which claims that the addition of fluoride to the water supply there has had nothing but beneficial effects on the nation's teeth.
While that claim itself is disputable, they are scarcely likely to admit to the damage it does to the thyroid gland, the kidneys, the skeletal frame, the brain of the developing foetus, and the child's IQ, etc.
However, even if fluoride were beneficial, I am not alone in objecting on principle to mass-medication without consent, which violates our human rights.
Moreover, fluoride should more accurately be known as hexafluorsilicic acid, which is too toxic to be dumped at sea or placed in landfill sites, but, so it is claimed, can safely be poured down our throats!
As an effluent from the fertilizer industry, its disposal was an expense to the industrialists until the government was persuaded to offer a ready market!
It is not possible to outline here all the arguments against fluoride but, anyway, at this time of economic stringency.can the government possibly justify spending millions to treat the water when only one per cent of it goes anywhere near teeth, especially as the claim that it prevents caries is disputable.

Fluoride petition
I AM writing to ask people that if they want to sign a new petition against fluoride being proposed to be added to our water supply. You can sign on-line at. Sign Petition
Please remember this is a completely new petition and nothing to do with the 15,000 signatures that went to 10 Downing Street last year. There will be pen to paper petitions as well, but only one or the other is to be signed.
If we still want to try to keep this toxic fluoride out please take the time to sign. Our water should be left alone for us to drink. It is not in place to treat anything. We will carry on the fight.
MRS KINCHINGTON, Address supplied.

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