16 Dec 2010

Re: FAN Bulletins

Re: FAN Bulletins

The only way we shall win the fluoride war is by co-operating with our fellows; we shall not do it by criticising other groups and splitting into smaller and smaller competing fractions. There is absolutely no doubt that Fluoride Action Network (FAN) leads the anti-fluoridation campaign internationally.
Dr Paul Connett, FAN's Director, at minimal cost to the groups he helps, cheerfully travels the world to speak against fluoride with professionalism, detailed knowledge of the subject, scientific rigour, authority and always a touch of humour. I was particularly grateful for his involvement in Consultation events in Southampton in 2008 and for his eloquence in putting anti-fluoride viewpoints to the meeting called by the EU's Scientific Committee for Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) in Brussels in September. Some Friends of the Earth members may know of Professor Connett from his tireless work around the world opposing incinerators.

The FAN website www.fluoridealert.org is an extremely valuable resource for all anti-fluoride campaigners. It is updated frequently and carries the Professionals' Statement as well as huge amounts of fully referenced information on the history of fluoridation, health effects of fluoride, campaigns past and present, and more. Money is needed to keep up the momentum of any campaigning organisation and FAN makes an annual appeal to its supporters in order to raise funds. It is easy for a UK citizen to donate in US dollars using a credit card. Barclaycard charges a modest commission of 2.5% for the currency conversion. Other means of payment may carry higher charges. Anyone who wishes to support FAN can do so via the website: -


The recent book* by Professors Paul Connett, James Beck and Spedding Micklem sets out very clearly the reasons why fluoridation should be opposed. I have read it cover-to-cover and can thoroughly recommend it. The book will do no good whatsoever if it sits in a warehouse. It needs wide distribution to be effective as a tool of persuasion. A copy signed by Professor Connett will be posted to anyone in the UK who donates $63 (approximately £40 sterling) to FAN.

* Connett P, Beck J, Micklem HS. 'The case against fluoride: how hazardous waste ended up in our drinking water and the bad science and powerful politics that keep it there.' Paperback; 348 pages; ISBN-13:9781603582872. Published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 85 North Main Street, Suite 120, White River Jct., Vermont 05001, USA. Available from Amazon from £11.18 plus p&p..

Elizabeth McDonagh (Chairman, National Pure Water Association)

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