18 Dec 2010

Citizen: something’s in the water?

Citizen: something’s in the water?
Written by By Meg Coker
Friday, 17 December 2010 17:57
A citizen asked for a more thorough look at the fluoride content of the town’s water at the Dec. 7 meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.
Rob Sartori presented aldermen with a detailed report on the cons of fluoridation. He asked that the board consider several questions and provide him with the answers within 30 days. He also requested the board notify customers via their water bills of the use of fluoride.
The board took the matter under advisement.
According to the materials Sartori provided, fluoride poses health risks for infants. Babies, who are exposed to fluoridated water mixed with infant formula, may be at risk for thyroid problems, disruptions to the production of endocrine, and bone cancer, among other issues. Materials also report that fluoridation has been linked to health problems in adults such as kidney disease and types of cancer.

What about here in the UK, are the PCTs in areas that are fluoridated telling new mothers this?

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