13 Sep 2010

USA - 18 water systems in state stopped adding fluoride

18 water systems in state stopped adding fluoride
By Markeshia Ricks • September 12, 2010

But money woes and a tight economy could be making it harder for some water systems in the state to provide the service that has proven to help prevent tooth de­cay across the country.
Sherry Goode, interim director for oral health with the state Department of Public Health, said most Alabamians -- nearly 83 percent -- enjoy the benefits of fluoridated water whether they know it or not. Though fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that could be found in water, when added to water at certain levels, Goode said that it provides significant protection against tooth decay.
But in the past decade, Goode said, 27 water systems have discontinued the serv­ice. Of those 27, nine water systems have started back, but 18 have not.
Goode said that unlike some states that mandate by legislation that public water systems add fluoride to their water, Alaba­ma does not.
"Water systems may decide to discon­tinue fluoridating, which is a concern for the department and the communities."
A big concern

In fact it was so much of a concern that the state's top doctor, Don Williamson, ex­pressed his concern to the State Commit­tee on Public Health.
He told the members of the committee that the state might be "losing the battle on fluoridation."................

I hope they are.

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