12 Sep 2010

How you're wrecking your kids' milk teeth

How you're wrecking your kids' milk teeth
By Octavia Walker 12/09/2010
Even if you have the best healthy intentions for your children, you could unwittingly be putting their delicate baby teeth at risk. We talk to some of the UK’s top experts about some of the more surprising causes of decay…....

Some useful advice bar this:

What to brush with: Use a child’s toothbrush (small enough to get to the back teeth) and a fluoride toothpaste. Yes, fluoride is essential, according to Nigel. ‘It first came into UK toothpastes in the early 70s and was responsible for reducing decay levels by 30-40%. It’s hugely protective.’ Children under three need a smear of toothpaste containing fluoride. After that, a pea-sized amount will do.

Babies are not able to spit it out

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