6 Aug 2009

Leave water alone

Leave water alone
OLGA SENIOR (SHA) is more or less calling all us campaigners stupid for thinking about our health. Yes, we are very concerned about what this fluoride will do to the rest of the body over the years. She says studies have found no association between water fluoridation and systemic illness.
None of us has seen this so-called evidence. Can they post it to us? Also, what I would like to say is that if this fluoride goes in and people become ill over the years it is obvious that the SHA will not blame fluoride.
Now let's get back to the consultation. I was there and I know a scam when I see one. "Unelected" members making an important decision like messing with our water - doesn't that tell you something in itself? The public being told, more or less, to keep quiet while they go ahead and taint our water.
The fact remains that our water is not there to treat children's teeth, it is there for us to have a refreshing drink and it must be kept as pure as possible for all our well-being. If they lived up to their name, the SHA, and really did care about our health they would stop this stupid idea and think about the health that has been affected by stress with the thought of this going in. My health has suffered because of this scheme.
The bottom line, Olga Senior, is that we the public pay our water rates and we have a say as to how our water is looked after and I don't think you have quite got the message. We don't want fluoride. Leave our water supplies alone. We never needed anything added before and we don't need it now.
I have toothpaste without fluoride and my teeth are fine. All we need is a healthy diet and good healthy untouched drinking water.
Name and address withheld.

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Rambling Rose said...

Not long after Tony Blair became prime minister, he said words to the effect, 'The more I read about fluoride the worse it seems.'

No doubt he got his knuckles severely rapped for being so honest: I never heard that remark attributed to him again.

It's time people like Olga Senior checked the WordWeb (free program online) meaning of 'politician': one is 'A schemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways.'

Because 'birds of a feather generally flock together', it is likely that those politicians/bureaucrats and other fluoridators and their cohorts who wish to impose their wills on the masses, via household taps, only support and/or sponsor those people who are similarly feathered.