5 Aug 2009

Daily Echo - Letters

We're losing our freedoms
IF there has been any topic that has prompted so many people to write into the Echo as plans to add fluoride to our drinking water, I cannot remember it.
Week after week, there have been more and more letters published by individuals, almost all opposed.
They aren't just from politicians or members of lobbies. Vast numbers of people have realised that they are about to be medicated without their consent.
Even with a clear majority saying they don't want it, there is a
real danger that the unelected Strategic Health Authority will be instructing Southern Water to go ahead.
In the absence of any effective action from our Prime Minister or John Denham MP, what are we supposed to do? Do we live in a democracy or not?
Seems odd that our troops are killed overseas fighting for freedoms we are losing in our own country
Leader, New Forest District Liberal Democrats.

I won't pay my water bill
SO Southern Water has been fined after a 'catastrophic' pollution spill following the failure of all three pumps at Ashurst bridge - one of 137 incidents recorded against Southern Water since July 1990.
This is the same water company that is going to deliver a toxic waste, which acts on the metabolism and inhibits enzyme action, into our water next year.
I shall not be paying my water bills when fluoridation is forced on us.

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