4 Jul 2009

Echo letter

I WISH her well in her current circumstances but to use the cliché I do find myself blaming Margaret Thatcher for the state we are in today.
What did she do in the eighties' She banned free school milk. What did children drink instead? Not milk usually; but sweet drinks with obvious potential to rot teeth. So began a culture in which many parents give children predominantly drinks of the kind which are had for them. This was a generation ago. What do we have now? A whole lot of children with mouths full of decaying teeth. What did the Iron Lady also do? She stealthily eroded the NHS, This was calamitously continued after her reign and many dentists went into private practice, leaving the NHS dental provision in a complete mess.
As a result the children who need it most are the ones
least likely to receive treatment.
What now do the powers-that-be deem to be the solution to this problem?
Not the introduction of more dental services, but the imposition of fluoride on the whole of the community, whether they like it or not and whether or not they will develop am of the many potential side effects.
Added to this, we are to be expected to endure the shadow of the frightening prospect of an accidental overdose, reports of which are actually openly accessible to the public and accurate.
No wonder that Mrs Thatcher did not receive the plaudits she was expecting from her old college at Oxford; the first person to be so humiliated, I believe. C JORDAN, Southampton.

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