4 Jul 2009

Daily Echo letters

TAMPERING with our water is a dangerous precedent.
But human behaviour is such that it will not be trampled upon. Water is the staff of life and we hold the right to protect it from dangerous chemicals.
If we, the majority of Southampton people, are against this particular element being put into our water then we MUST be respected.
J Moorby via email
THE SHA is obviously involved in people's health. They are trying to improve the health of children's teeth by adding fluoride to the water.
Does this not mean that they want to add a medicinal compound to the water which I will consume each time I drink the water of Southampton?
Each time I drink the fluoridated water I am being medicated against my will. Has anybody taken this case to the European Court of Human Rights to see what their opinion
Colin Hollyman via email
WHY oh why did all those brave men and women give up their lives in the name of democracy and freedom when Gordon Brown can order a closed door on introducing fluoride to our water?
A M Allen Southampton
CHILDREN in poor countries don't have bad teeth. Why? Because they don't get sweets. It's parents who decay teeth by what they give their children to eat.
Valerie Name and address supplied
I CANNOT begin to express how disgusted I am with this Government and the fact that they are not prepared to listen to people. How dare they Ignore so many and force people to have something they absolutely do not want?
G A Cardy Southampton
I AM normally silent on matters, whether I agree or not with decisions made by others. However, when 12 members of a health authority have the power to override the result of their own consultation to
" introduce a toxic substance into my tap water and they expect me to drink it without complaining, I am more than happy to be party to, as another correspondent described me, "the vociferous minority" protesting against fluoridation.
John Pope Southampton
THERE'S hope in the US
toward some day rescinding the plan to force fluoride into the blood of consumers. This turn of events occurred for several reasons - vast prospective experimental data on animal carcinogenity of unnatural fluoride, convincing epidemiological cancer data on humans in fluoridated versus non-fluoridated cities, and the fact that nearly 70 per cent of US water is injected with these agents.
The FDA has been notified of these California activities.
The FDA labels toothpaste fluorides as drugs, fluoride drops as prescription drugs, and water fluoridation as uncontrolled use of drugs, where side effects and allowed daily doses can't be labelled.
steve7676, Lima, Ohio
WHAT'S the point any more? The Government doesn't care what the public think.
WHY not do a deal with Colgate or Crest to give away free toothpaste and brushes on the estates so kids won't have rotten teeth. This will mean that responsible people who look after their teeth won't have to be poisoned as a consequence.
Condor Man Southampton

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