17 Jun 2009

Southampton Daily Echo

This decision is an act of dictatorship
THE SHA decision to poison all our water with the chemical fluoride is dictatorial. Cracking a nut with a sledge hammer comes to mind.
If they're concerned about the health of children's teeth, then tackle the problem at source.. Stop sweets manufacturers putting so much sugar in fizzy drinks, cakes, chocolate, biscuits. Make sure all toothpaste contains fluoride. The amount of water children drink is negligible. In excess of 90 per cent of water used in the average household is flushed/poured down the drain (is that cost effective).
Bring back free milk at schools for children, educate parents and children in the benefits of brushing teeth, eating less sweet foods. In my opinion the only reason fluoridation is supported by the dental industry is that dentists get paid a lot less for treating children. The water authorities have an obligation to supply safe drinking water for all not just a minority, fluoridation does not benefit all.
What about our human rights?
P VERRALL, Southampton.

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