16 Jun 2009

Daily Echo

Encouraged by fluoride protesters
IT is very encouraging to see the efforts that are being made by those protesting against the possible introduction of fluoride into our excellent water supply and also the fact that this concern has at last got through to our local MP's who are suggesting that it should be put on hold. (Echo June 10) Great!
Research into the results of the use of fluoridation in various parts of the world has shown up some very disturbing problems affecting the health of those obliged to consume this contamination. In fact, one wonders whether the members of South Central Strategic Health Authority have looked any further into this other than the fact that it could be of benefit to children's teeth; even this seems to be in doubt.
If, by some unfortunate means, this should ever be adopted, it cannot be made compulsory by parents the children or anyone else. It's hardly likely that the majority of children these days would go to their tap for a drink when there is such a wide variety of soft drinks available for them - Coke, etc.
Referring to the old adage, "You may lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink". In my opinion, this virtually sums up the outcome which indicates that this scheme would be a complete failure in more ways than one and an utter waste of time and money.
B SHERGOLD, Southampton.

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