23 May 2009

Daily Echo letter

Cosmetic concern
Mrs Place (Echo Letters, May 16) draws attention to the problem of fluoridated water possibly causing mottling of the teeth.
This is something airily dismissed by the Department of Health as "of cosmetic concern to few people".
This is not true, but even if it were we would be entitled to ask why it should be thought acceptable to put a chemical into our water capable of discolouring teeth.
Dental authorities have written that this is caused only when the concentration is at least double what the Strategic Health Authority proposes; but the York Review nine years ago found that many teeth were discoloured even at the recommended level of one ppm.
Nobody has claimed that the condition is equally serious for all affected, but it is significant that the greatest damage is to the teeth of children - the very people fluoridation is supposed to be helping.
This week we read that the Food Standards Agency is demanding reductions in salt in various foods. Let us hear them demanding the removal of unnecessary chemicals from our drinking water!
MR G Payne, Southampton

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Anti Oligarch said...

Something sick is happening.
We are being poisoned and just a few
of us write a bit about it on the net?
Where is the true Brits I used to know?