5 Feb 2015


We’ve all groaned as each new fluoridation battle played out its inevitable course. First we hear that Town A, then City B, has ‘the kids with the worst teeth in the country’, and the only way to help these disadvantaged little mites is to put a poisonous chemical in their water supply. Then we have to endure the inevitable, money-wasting futility of idiotic ‘studies’ and Public Consultations, all of which are ignored by the fluoridation mafia.
So how would you react if you found that it really is all part of The Big Lie, founded on not just incompetence but sheer bloody-minded deception, lies and malpractice? Well it is - and we’ve got the proof! There’s no need to let Public Health England bamboozle you with statistics - wipe the smirks off their nasty faces by quoting their own statistics back at them - but doing it properly. This batant statistical malpractice by the NHS and PHE has a savage sting in its tail - but they’re the ones who’ve getting stung now! So check out the news at www.ukcaf.org, and make sure that this goes around. They’ll never hold their heads up in public again!

The UKCAF Team

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rcannard said...

After the experience of the (SHA) and now the (PHE) forcing this poison upon the unsuspecting public who in there right mind is going to believe anything they say. The attempted fluoridation of Southampton showed the lengths in which these quangos will go to impose there will, brushing aside any scientific paper that doesn't fit the agenda is a speciality of Public Health England, a trait handed down by the (SHA)...People seriously need to take control of there own lives and to question everything instead of relying on the nanny state, which history tells us they don't always get things right...Our children are being targeted by a health authority who just wont listen to the facts...Thousands of scientists have shown harm from years of ingesting fluoride some of which hold top positions in there respected fields who have spoken out against fluoridation, but the (PHE) just brush it aside...Public Health England should be ashamed of themselves they obviously have no morals nor any scientific background to even make such a decision...