8 Feb 2015

Let's take a lesson from Scotland when it comes to children's teeth

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First published Friday 6 February 2015 

I READ the letter about fluoridation, February 4. Tooth decay has fallen in Europe and the biggest fall in tooth decay is in Denmark, Finland, Holland & Sweden who are NOT fluoridated.  Tooth decay is mainly caused by high sugar in manufactured food and drink, but governments do little to get them to reduce this. The fluoride added to tap water is fluorosilicic acid industrial waste from phosphate fertilizer factory chimney scrubbers, and it’s more poisonous than lead and only slightly less so than arsenic. It is not pharmaceutical grade — unlike the fluoride added to toothpaste — and is contaminated with arsenic, mercury and lead etc.   The World Health Organisation stated that no fluoridation schemes should be begun until total fluoride intakes — from industrial pollution, pesticides etc. — are measured. This was never done. Children’s teeth in Scotland are very good since the “Childsmile” tooth cleaning programme started in their schools. Scotland has beaten targets and a record number of young children there now have no tooth decay. Teaching children to brush their teeth correctly brings benefits when they’re older, as it prevents gum disease. More adult teeth are lost from gum disease than from tooth decay. This initiative in schools is cheaper for taxpayers compared with fluoridation, and will save the NHS money. It is the way ahead.

A. Wills, Middlesex


rcannard said...

Is there an against group in Bolton?

Bill said...

The MP is against it.