11 Feb 2015

"Fluoride rots teeth,bones. Causes bone cancer" - Dr Nuzom

Bit weird where he says fluoride rots teeth and they fall out - they do get fluorosis but fall out?


Cllr Chris said...

One of the effects of Fluoride poisoning is for the teeth to fall out. This was the basis of the deliberately flawed studies of fluoride in the US nuclear industry in the late 1940's. Their tortured conclusion was that the nuclear workers had less cavities.

It was only after a 30 year Freedom Of Information request that the real reason for less cavities was unearthed. That piece of hidden history was that the nuclear workers in that study had so many teeth fallen out that it substantially reduced the likelihood of any tooth having a cavity!!!!

A perfect example of how our governments lie through their teeth (so to speak!) with their statistics.

Carrie said...

I watched all of Ty Bollinger's webinar series and found Dr Nuzom very enlightening. He says that fluoride makes bones brittle so that they crumble, and as we know, it has the same effect on teeth, a condition known as fluorosis. When it is severe, the teeth would become loose, particularly as the supporting bone in the jaw would also be weakened, and fluoride is known to cause gum disease, which is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.