12 Feb 2015

Campaign to stop ‘mass medication’ by adding fluoride to Hull water supply

Hull's Health and Wellbeing Board is considering the plan and its chairman Colin Inglis and MP Alan Johnson have already met dentists to understand the benefits.

Likely to require the support of East Riding Council, the scheme could cost £300,000 to introduce and £100,000 a year to run.

However, the £22m public health budget is ring-fenced for projects that benefit the health of a large section of the population, so it's likely the Health and Wellbeing Board would pick up the bill for the annual running costs.

If East Riding Council agrees to the water fluoridation plan, Public Health England will work with Hull City Council to find out if the plan is feasible.

There will have to be a major public consultation exercise to canvass views. And the scheme can only go ahead if it is approved by sufficient numbers of councillors on the relevant local authorities who represent more than 67 per cent of the population.

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