15 Jan 2015

Wexford Council passes motion to remove fluoride

Wexford Council passes motion to remove fluoride

Our two executive members, who are running a specialised legal information campaign with all councillors in the country, would like to congratulations all the members of Wexford Council who on Monday became the latest council to add their weight to the campaign to remove fluoride from our water.
All Wexford councillors present, across all parties, voted unanimously to support of the motion to end water fluoridation.
The list of councils passing this motion is now growing larger and will soon reach a critical mass that we hope will force the government to repeal the 1960 Act.
We have been in contact with every councillor in the country and we are expecting a number of other councils to table and pass motions in January and February. We will keep you all up to date with how the campaign evolves in the coming weeks.

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