19 Jan 2015


....One important point to be constantly stressed is that water fluoridation is now a mainstream issue in Austin. Even the staunchest local supporters of fluoride—after years of labelling us fringe, weird, tin foil hat and the like, have been slowly forced to acknowledge the fact and adapt their tactics accordingly. Key to the sea change was likely a survey conducted by KEYE-TV in mid-2012 in which roughly half (49%) of those polled called fluoridation as a waste of money. That bell can't be unrung, and the results, captured in the screen shot above, right, have been recently publicized. Since it's now impossible to insult fluoride opponents without insulting about half of Austin's population, the politically-motivated pushers of fluoridation have backed off a bit and directed their scientifically-bankrupt ire elsewhere. This is not to denigrate those who sincerely believe that ingested fluoride is good for teeth – somebodys teeth somewhere – despite all manner of visual evidence to the contrary. Seven decades of government and corporate-sponsored propaganda have done their work. Speaking of which, this year officially marks the 70th anniversary of community water fluoridation. The practice began on January 25, 1945 with the addition of sodium fluoride to the drinking water of Grand Rapids, MI (which today marked by high levels of both childhood tooth decay and disfiguring dental fluorosis). So we can expect the major pushers of fluoridation, from the Federal government to the Pew Trusts and everything in between to be rolling out celebratory activities and massive propaganda all year long. Get ready for it! ..............


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