24 Jan 2015

Lovely if true but a bit slick - I'm sure they really care about us.

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2014

Emails released by freedom-of-informati

On requests reveal a too-close relationship among members of the Centers for Disease Control's Oral Health Division (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Pew Foundation. IT APPEARS THEY PROTECT FLUORIDATION WHILE DISMISSING, INSULTING AND MARGINALIZING THOSE WHO RAISE VALID HEALTH CONCERNS...

Quote email... (DODGY) Pew's William Maas, (former CDC Oral Health Division Director) ADMITS "THERE IS A LOT OF UNCERTAINTY," REGARDING FLUORIDE'S EFFECTS TO KIDNEY PATIENTS in a May 2011 email to ADA Director of Congressional Affairs, Judith Sherman.

Quote email reply... Acting Director of CDC's Oral Health Division responds.... "End stage renal disease may be another issue. Since the body excretes fluoride through the kidneys, it is reasonable to assume that people with end stage disease may experience a buildup of fluoride."

"When FluorideGate hearings begin, individuals, not organizations, will be placed under oath and the truth will come out. The public should be outraged that the CDC is collaborating with the politically-powerful
, industry-funded ADA."


Further, in 2004 the DODGY Pew Foundation brought the British salmon farming to its knees with flawed science

European scientists and media, who subjected the ( DODGY ) Pew Charitable Trusts to withering criticism a year ago after ( DODGY ) Pew released a study claiming farm-raised salmon presents greater health risks than wild salmon, launched a new round of criticism of ( DODGY ) Pew in the fall, after further scrutiny uncovered more problems with the study.

"The salmon scare which threatened last weekend to bring British salmon farming to its knees," noted the January 15, 2004 London Times, "is a sorry saga of flawed science, selective research and hidden commercial bias. That it was allowed into the pages of the apparently respectable journal Science is inexplicable. ITS WORLDWIDE PROMOTION BY AN ORGANIZATION WITH A VESTED INTEREST IN UNDERMINING FARMED ATLANTIC SALMON IN FAVOR OF THE WILD ALASKAN VARIETY IS A SCANDAL."


Pew Trusts 
In addition to our Philadelphia headquarters we have offices in Washington, D.C., Brussels, London, and Sydney, as well as staff in other regions of the United States and the world. 

 2000 Summer;60(3):159-66.

Rampant early childhood dental decay: an example from Italy.

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